Now going on our NINTH year offering a fantastic Class I & III Soccer Tournament, our tournament recognition continues to grow in the eyes of our community, our visiting teams, coaches and families. 


Located in the foothills of the Big Bear mountains, the YVYSO-Spartans Cup

is becoming a favorite tournament destination.


Our NUMBER 1 GOAL is to continually make the YVYSO-Spartans Cup a Top Level tournament.



Come on out and see what we are all about!

Our Roots...

Located in the sprawling foothills of the Big Bear mountains, Yucaipa experiences fantastic weather, clear blue skies and an ever-growing soccer community, dedicated in making soccer the best it can be.

Each season, Yucaipa welcomes roughly 1300+ recreational soccer players through Yucaipa Valley Youth Soccer Organization (YVYSO) and over 450 club level soccer players through YASC Spartans FC club division.  Our soccer community has grown so strong we see families traveling from adjacent cities so they can also experience the fun-filled soccer experience, great competition, great fields, experienced coaches and a one of a kind soccer atmosphere.  YVYSO is fortunate in having been recognized by Cal South as one of the leading soccer organizations in Southern California.  For multiple years, we have hosted the Presidents Cup for all of the all-star teams from the surrounding areas.  This gives us the added benefit of being able to present a "top-notch" YVYSO-SPARTANS CUP tournament!

We welcome you to come experience what it is we have to offer your team and family.  You will leave having experienced a well-run tournament, an even level of matched competition, an abundance of smiles, a fantastic soccer environment, and top level pins, trophies, medals and available tournament t-shirts should you wish to purchase one! 

The Beginnings...

2012 was  our first year of establishing an actual tournament, catered specifically for all Class III teams.  We were proud that we were able to host 62 teams for our 1st "Spring Cup" tournament.  With beautiful weather, and lots of competition, we were proud with the turnout and success.  Thank you to all who attended and made it such a great event and congratulations to those who became Champions.

In 2013, both YVYSO and Spartans worked together to bring you a top-notch Class I & III soccer tournament.  Each year keeps getting better.  In 2014, due to the success of our previous years, we offered a separate BOYS and GIRLS weekend and had a great turnout with over 125 teams competing.  2015 continued to see growth with a total of 142 teams competing.

Please Note...

Last year our venue filled up before the deadline and many teams were left out.  Each year, our tournament seems to fill up more and more quickly.  As we limit our venues to only three, we strongly recommend that you REGISTER as soon as you possibly can.

The YVYSO-Spartans Cup is one of the most reasonably priced

Class I & III tournaments in Southern California.


Whether you are a seasoned club team, a first-year club team or even an established signature/select team, we guarantee that our soccer venue will be one that will not disappoint!